bau เบา, 2020
Site-specific performance
Dimensions variable

In collaboration with Sorn Patharakorn

bau เบา is a public art project, consisting a persistent action of writing on Stephane Hessel Platz with water from remaining Asbach river.

Asbach is a river that flows from the west of Weimar. It used to join with Ilm river in the east, until 1936, the Nationalsocialists removed part of Asbach from the map by placing on it the construction of Gauforum, a symbol of the third reich’s power.

Bau /IPA: baʊ̯/ (German)
1. (Noun m.) building, construction.
2. (Verb: Imperative) build, construct, erect, to build.

เบา /RTGS: bao/ (Thai)
1. (Adv.) softly; gently.
2. (Adj.) soft; gentle.
3. (Adj.) lower (of volume).
4. (Adj.) light; not heavy (of weight).

Documented by Milad Rezaei