Ging·go (Over the Fence), 2019
Site-specific installation
Dimensions variable

In collaboration with Sorn Patharakorn accompanied by Ging·go, sound installation by Viktor Dallmann.

In the recent time when migration becomes the global theme, there are significant rises of patriotism and nationalism as the countermovements; the physical borders are strengthen to the urge that is driven by feeling of insecurity.

Ging·go (Over the Fence), 2019, is a site-specific installation intervening the existence of the Ginkgo tree allegedly planted by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; the tree later became the subject in one of Goethe’s poems, and consequently a cultural symbol of Weimar.

The pieces of this work are made from oak wood, a plant local to Germany, carved into the form of ginkgo leaves, and attached to the legendary tree, in the time when there are no other leaves left on the tree.

The work is a mean to investigate how an immigrant plant from far east can grow strong roots and affect the local identity. It is accompanied by a sound installation by Viktor Dallmann exploring messages migrating through the language barriers in the contemporary era.

Images courtesy of the artists